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At Boss Optima, advanced vent cleaning technology allows our Service Techs to thoroughly clean your homes dryer ducts. Our safe effective process eliminates the embedded lint and debris that other systems leave behind. And our convenient truckmounted system allows us to perform the dryer duct cleaning while you are home, without a lot of loud invasive equipment. Our truckmounted extraction cleaning technology leaves your dryer duct lint free and provides a state of the art thorough cleaning.



Our Exclusive Warranty

Our exclusive 30 day warranty gives you a month to evaluate our brilliant results. The longest warranty in Arizona!
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Has Your Dryer Duct Ever Been Cleaned?

Why Is Dryer Duct Cleaning Important?
Dirty, lint filled dryer ducts are an extreme fire hazard. Every year hundreds of home fires are caused by lint clogged dryer ducts.
Dirty dryer ducts also cause your dryer to run longer and use more electricity, inflating your utility bills.   Our clients are always amazed at what we extract from dryer ducts.

Want To See What Is In The Duct First? 

Our Exclusive Demo Guarantee

Most people have no idea what is in their dryer ducts. That is why at Boss Optima we always offer a free test cleaning  prior to the start of your service. This will give you a clear idea of what has accumulated in your dryer duct.

Our Service Techs Have Ownership In Our Company.

Boss Optima has strict requirements of the Service Technicians that represent our company. These are all seasoned professionals who actually have ownership in their local service branch. Because of this partnership arrangement with our Service Techs, you can be assured to get an advanced service experience that will surpass your expectations.

For A Fast Exact Quote Over The Phone Simply Call Boss Optima at 1-800-566-9814

We Give Discounts The Others Don't.
We know that value is important to you. Boss Optima has options you won’t find with other carpet cleaners. Our unique service has available discounts for:
  • Scheduling at hours when we are already in your zip code.
  • Rooms that require no furniture moving.
  • Traffic area cleanings only
  • Senior citizens
  • Specific stain removal.
Is my price based on Condition?

No. At Boss Optima our prices are based simply on the number of dryer ducts being cleaned.

What do I have to do in preparation of my service?

We typically ask 3 things from our clients:

  • Open any blinds and curtains in the room where your dryer is, so we get as much light in the room as possible.
  • Remove any clothes that might be inside of the dryer. 
  • Move any items which might hinder us from moving the dryer out 2 feet. 
What is Easy Pay?
Our exclusive Easy Pay program allows you to pay for your service in 2 payments over a 30 day period, at no extra charge! When placing your order , ask our friendly staff for Easy Pay instructions.
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